Use case 1

Project 1:

  • Educational game development.
  • Users: school pupils, 8-11 years.

Software used

  • Adobe InDesign
  • Adobe Photoshop
  • C#

UX techniques

  • Low fidelity wireframe.

Game description:

  • small size
  • interactive
  • including simple math operations
  • complexity of exercises: increasing from step to the next step
  • game score: calculated at the end of the completing each operation
  • interaction with the user: warning messages.

UX techniques

  • low fidelity wireframe
  • creating correct processes flow
  • choosing suitable for this age group game layout
  • choosing suitable funny supportive small images (animals, cartoon characters, e.t.c)
  • bright colour scheme
  • simple typography: 4-5 font familes
  • use of minimum required colours to distinquish steps of operation


  • Environment: Lovelace primary school, Chessington, UK.


  • All operations are easy to be completed.
  • Tasks are given to the users were clear and easy to understand.
  • Program as a project was approved for use in the primary school.

Use case 2

Project 2:

  • Text game development for mobile device
  • Users: game players, ordinary mobile phone users.

Game description:

  • interactive
  • including simple user`s movement to the next operation via buttons
  • colours` contrast in UI to increase emotional impact at the user
  • 26 screens of game
  • interaction with the user: warning messages.


  • Environment: real mobile users.