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  • Landing page

    Old version.
    Old landing page
    Landing page
    New version.
    New landing page
  • Other services

    5 pages: Handyman services, Loading-unloading , Disassembling works, Storage works, Earthworks pages (old version of site) - were combined into one page Other services
    • Duplicated content was removed;
      As result:
    • number of HTTP requests into page was reduced;
    • user's bandwidth speed was increased - >
    • performance for first time visitors was improved :
    • Optimized caching
      40-60% of visitors come to the web site in with an empty cache - >
      optimizing caching is improving users` experience.
    Handymen services
    Site: old version.
    Handymen, old version
    Loading-unloading freight services
    Site: old version.
    Loading-unloading, old version
    Disassembling works
    Site: old version.
    Disasembling, old version
    Storage works
    Site: old version.
    Storage works, old version
    Site: old version.
    Earthworks, old version
    Other services
    Site: new version.
    Other services, new version
  • Refactoring 2

    Other services
    Updated version.
    Other services page. Updated version
  • This UI version of Other services page was created according to the HTML5 and CSS3 standards.
    Sprites technique was implemented into header navigation system.
  • More graphics at Flickr...

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Web site Elit removals

Copyright 2013


  • on some parts of original design.


  • has been changed
  • extra space above footer was removed
  • some pages were removed from web site as duplicating content of the site
  • some pages were combined into one page due to the lack of structurial sense at the old navigation system


  • top menu was added (placed above banner)


  • did not exist at old version
  • footer was created
  • extra space above footer was removed
  • navigation buttons, duplicating main navigation, were added
  • button TOP ( link to the top of page) was added.


  • was used from original design at site owner demand
  • has got company phones at new version
  • banner image was optimised: compressed.

Navigation system

  • site menu was placed above banner
  • side menu was reorganised
  • subcategories were added
  • categories of links at side menu were rearranged


  • images were made to stand out from the other content on the page
  • padding, borders were applied
  • order of placing images was rearranged:
  • old images were ungroupped
  • only some images were groupped together
  • all site images were optimised
  • new, more suitable images were applied