Use case

An Indian businessman, living in the UK, has a beauty salon in India. He decided to expand his business, due to the new, emerging market of European cosmetics, which was recently opened to the Indian women, his potential customers.

UX design goals:

  • create visual structure of the new business (see Process mapping as Flow process)
  • create persona
  • create user journey
  • create customer experience timeline
  • show process mapping

Software used

  • MS PowerPoint

UX research techniques

  • Porters analysis (see Porter`s 5 Forces Analysis)

Advantages and disadvantages

  • New shop was supposed to be opened at the location with only a few of the existing competitors.
  • Appeareance of the new entrants in this area was possible but not at the moment.
  • Country had good domestic supplies of cosmetics to satisfy local customers.
  • Businessman`s proposal was to enhance local market with the European cosmetics (small competition).
  • Local customers have shown a great degree of interest to the new products.
  • Higher prices could push away potential customers slightly towards local products.


  • UX design was going through 3 stages (see diagram).
  • UX research was completed at this stage.
  • Not all features of the project are represented at this page. Only main features.
  • UI is under construction at the current moment.