• UX - UI

    Use case 5
    UX design
    Care home project

    Kenilworth care home, Banstead, Surrey, UK

  • 2016, UX design | Prototyping | Process structure
    Horizontal prototype Horizontal prototype
  • 2016, UX design | Prototyping | Process structure
    Vertical prototypeVertical prototype
  • 2016, UX design | Prototyping | Low-fidelity wireframe
  • Wireframe
  • 2016, UX design | Prototype | High-fidelity wireframe
    Mockup | .psd to .html
  • Prototype changes

    Creating wireframe has given the idea about basic elements and features of the future website.
    Layout of website was created following the basic concepts of the website ( see wireframe).
    Prototype has been made at Adobe Photoshop as .psd file to be converted by slicing and coding methods to the .html file.
    Such changes were applied:
    - colour scheme was changed
    - background pictures for the middle section and for the body of the website was added
    - relevant to the subject of the website picture was placed to the top navigation bar
    - due to the small capacity of the care home some navigation links were removed from the site:
    there was no enough functionality for that

    Customer proposals

    There was ongoing discussion about placing name of the care home to the landing page.
    Prototype has visual line with the main information about health institution:
    - logo with the care home name on it
    - picture of the care home
    - address and phone placed next to the logo and picture.
    - place of the care home name (bigger font size, central location) is still under discussion.

Use case

Kenilworth care home, Banstead, Surrey.

UX design goals:

  • create visual structure of site flow processes)
  • create Horizontal prototype
  • create Vertical prototype
  • create mockup
  • create .psd base to convert to .html file.

Software used

  • http://diagramo.com
  • Adobe Photoshop

Usability methods used

  • Horizontal prototypes
  • Vertical prototypes

Advantages and disadvantages

  • Care home is too small to have need in website, not many beds for patients.
  • Any care home needs in web site otherwise search for this specific sort of service is not satisfying.
  • Due to the lack of the web site customers have no knowledge about this particularly care home, because already existing information, presented at the corresponding directories, is not sufficient.
  • There is an obvious reason to create web site for this care home.


  • UX design was going through research stages (see diagram).
  • UX design was completed.
  • UI is under construction at the current moment.