Use case

A young businessman, living in Belarus, had a removal company. He was not able to get enough orders and decided to go online. Web site brought no real customers. Customer requested to redesign site completely, from scratch. Budget was low. Time given: 2 months.

UX design goal:

  • create visual structure of the new business (see Process mapping as Flow process)
  • create persona
  • create user journey
  • create customer experience timeline
  • show process mapping

Software used

  • Wireframing tools at
  • Adobe Photoshop

UX research techniques

  • Guerrilla research.

Advantages and disadvantages

  • New shop was supposed to be opened at the location with some of the incumbent firms.
  • Appearing of the new entrants in this area was possible but the entrepeneur decided to turn his removal business into an international business.
  • Business did not have a good organisational structure.
  • Businessman decide to expand his business profile, offering additional services.
  • A third party was involved into business, for advertising purposes.
  • Number of clients was small.
  • Service prices were the lowest in this area.


  • UX research has gone through all stages, due to the lack of the required information.
  • Collected data was analysed and represented at the diagrams for further redesign of the UX.
  • UX design was completed.
  • UX design was tested and reviewed with stakeholders.
  • UX design was transformed into UI design.
  • UI design was implemented.
  • Refactoring UI was done NJ see
  • UX and UI design was finally reviewed with the real users.
  • UX and UI design concepts were turned into actionable product.
  • Only main features of the project are represented at this page.
  • Final product : see